From a very long time I have been fascinated by Mexico, it's nature and folklore and especially by cacti. In 1996, soon after Poland has opened it's borders, for the first time I have laid my foot in this dreamed land thanks to my Czech friends. Since then I visit this country as regular as possible and interestingly it draws me in more and more. This country is like a drug.

Years 1996, 1997, 1999 and 2000 were the time of discovering mysteries of Mexico, I spent more time exploring and less documenting cactii. Especially because I did few photos these days and these were mainly slides. Later I got digital camera that allowed me to do much more.

In the year 2008, 2011, 2013 and 2017 I visited Chile so I also added my story about plants I've seen there. Although both the land and flora are much differrent from Mexican ones they still are equally magnificent.

This page is where I wish to share my knowledge about Mexican cactii that I've encountered during my travels. Moreover it is a great opportunity to compare own bred cactii with ones that grow in their natural habitat. This should help to verify names and eventually select up hybrids that amateurish collections are usually full of. Mind that not all names you find here are 100% correct, though I think there are only few mistakes and not so obvious ones. By the rule I use names officialy approved by taxonomists with some exceptions (ie. Echinofossulocactus, Rapicactus), but I do this on purpose. For this knowledge to be more digestive I have added my travel diaries supplemented with photos. Since there are loads of this material I can't put it all at once, but I will add content successively in my spare time.

As a bonus there is a report from year 2000 made from scant informations written in my logbook. Unfortunately photos are not the best quality - they are scanned slides and analog films. I hope they give the mood of these days.

During my travels I was always accompanied by local radio stations that added up to the unique atmosphere of the journey. Therefore for you my dear surfer to feel in the right mood I have attached some radio links in the upper section of this page.

I wish all cactii surfers to dive into this marvellous Mexican world.

Grzegorz F. Matuszewski

Mail me: grzegorz@kaktusymeksyku.pl

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